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One of the things that I know many will be missing up in Winchcombe is the Be Social Day Centre.  This has been a valuable part of many people’s lives and I know that both its members and its friends at Winchcombe Methodist church are looking forward to a time when people can gather together once again, albeit with the prescribed safety measures in place.  For those of you who are not familiar with Be Social, here is a piece by Geoff Onions explains:

shallow focus photo of orange ceramic mug on white saucer



Thirty three years ago when the Day Centre idea was floated it was impossible to even forecast what today has brought!

A tea club with a few folk getting together in one room at the local hospital has gone through many changes with the building of an annexe onto the Langley Centre and to what it does today.

Technology has been embraced and laptops are used for members to speak to relatives the other side of the world and right now to using them for group discussions and formulation of new patterns for the future.

Winchcombe Methodist Church, around the same time, began hosting a Thursday morning coffee morning on behalf of Churches Together. 

A few years ago, due to a rather nice summer, it was suggested that a group of members from the Day Care Centre should wander into the town for a coffee in the church. Quite a high number of people used to go to church but were now unable to travel by themselves on a Sunday- a God sent opportunity!

The Methodist Women’s Fellowship approached the Senior Steward about having a Remembering Service around November 11th and a Harvest Festival in the sanctuary – the idea was warmly accepted and the Day Centre were asked if they would like to attend, as guests.

Over 15 years have elapsed and the fellowship between the groups has grown, some members of the church are volunteers at BeSocial (the name has been changed by popular request) and as ever, tea follows each occasion. 

The event is appreciated by all and there are often 60 or 70 people present – worshipping —- this is what it is all about !!!!


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