Harvest at Tewkesbury Methodist Church

Well, we have had a really busy Sunday at TMC today. It all began as every 1st Sunday does with breakfast praise. Over a hearty breakfast we heard the story of stone soup and then, in a really creative activity, using natures own gifts – conkers, acorns, leaves and twigs – we made some great pieces of art work. The point of the exercise, like the point of the story of stone soup, was to discover how much better we are able to do things when we work together than when we try to go it alone. Thank you to Clair for leading us this morning and for so many of you turning up.

Most people then went into church for the harvest festival service. The church looked beautiful and as usual people gave so very generously the many gifts that will be given to various causes in and around Tewkesbury.  It all went really well except for the projector which seemed to go on strike immediately before the service, but we carried on regardless and improvised where necessary.

After the service a wonderful lunch was enjoyed by some 50 of us thanks to the catering team. They had already been hard at work having cooked breakfast for the early service but true to form they took it all in their stride and produced a superb lunch. Thank you to Gill, Jean, Lin and the team.

Blessings, J

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