The Universal Soul

As many of you are aware I lead a contemplative group called ‘Desert Soul’ where we explore the mystic impulse that is a compelling call for each of our members. We have recently been thinking about how contemplative practice can deepen our creative gifts or indeed open us up to new ones which can sometimes surprise us.

At our last meeting one of our members shared with us his first ever attempt at creative writing. He has given permission for me to share this stunning hymn here.

The Universal Soul

Ere the Fall, before the Serpent
Ere the Apple and its Tree,
Dwelt the Soul in perfect Oneness
Knowing only Unity.

Knowing neither MInd nor Reason
There the Soul in Thus-ness dwelt
Happy Soul, in perfect Union
Then no separation felt

Now alas! She is fragmented;
Now Her perfect Union gone.
Blood of Jesus! Re-unite Her
Lead her back whence She has come.

Where there is no sound of discord.
Where there is no ‘Your’s nor Mine’.
But the Soul, restored to Oneness
Rests in Unity sublime. © Tom Foxon 2019

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